Residential Services

For Your Home

GraciHart Electric has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your residential electrical service needs; from wiring new construction to seamlessly retrofitting historical properties. Our knowledgeable office staff will even handle securing the permits for your residential project.

New Construction

We can wire your entire home electrical system; standard, recessed and track lighting, central air conditioning units, as well as network cabling and alarm systems. Once we’ve wired your new home, we can connect it to the city’s power grid.

Historic Properties

In a city renowned for its historical properties, many of which are residential, home owners choose GraciHart Electric whether an update or total replacement of their home’s existing wiring is needed. Electricity was in its infancy when many of our area’s older houses were constructed. Much has changed over the years regarding what is electrically powered within a home. For safety measures alone, the original wiring in older homes must be replaced. Call on us to update those fuseboxes with circuit breakers. We also install whole-house surge protectors that will safe-guard home theater equipment, computers, and other sensitive electronics from fluctuations in the electrical power supply. Whether the plan is to add or replace fixtures, ceiling fans, switches or outlets, GraciHart Electric will do the job carefully and professionally, without compromising your home’s architectural integrity.

Exterior Delights

GraciHart Electric brings the same full-service approach to your exterior electrical needs, as well. Let us hook up your pool and spa equipment and create a custom designed, professionally installed landscape lighting system that will beautifully highlight the exterior of your home and enhance your garden and outdoor living spaces.


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