Offices, Banks, and Retailers

Keeping Businesses Connected and Competitive

At GraciHart Electric we know that businesses today look to technology to keep pace with both local and global markets. We provide network and communications services to meet the ever-changing demands and fast pace of doing business in a technology-driven environment, including the installation of Category 5 (CAT 5) and fiber optic cables.

Wired for Safety

Banks other businesses that deal with money and other valuables require highly reliable security systems. GraciHart Electric meets the needs of these clients by providing full wiring and installation of closed circuit TV systems and gate controls. GraciHart Electric wires complex alarm and vault systems, and we can set up electrical and data wiring for ATMs. If your business doesn’t require a full install, call on us to professionally run the wiring for these systems.

Retailers Rely on GraciHart Electric

Malls, shopping centers and national retail chains come to us for their electrical service needs. From store-front to warehouse, we provide our retail customers with professional installation and service of lighting, computer networks and security systems. GraciHart Electric also backs all commercial installations with our guarantee.

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