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Make Your Business Powerful

The backbone of any modern business operation is a reliable electrical system; any busy restaurant, office, or retail shop would grind to a halt with anything less. At GraciHart Electric we understand that time is money, and downtime due to a power failure results in an unnecessary loss of revenue.

A number of the city’s note-worthy businesses and institutions have called on GraciHart Electric’s commercial electrical services division to meet their unique and challenging needs.

Stirling Properties requested that GraciHart Electric bring a circa 1880’s commercial property, located on St. Charles Avenue, up to modern standards by retrofitting the building with an updated electrical system capable of supporting a technology driven operation. GraciHart Electric also installed elevators and escalators in the 120 year-old structure.

The Port of New Orleans, considered the center of the world’s busiest port complex, chose GraciHart Electric when it came to upgrading their electrical infra-structure. The job called for us to install feeders behind the scenes to route electricity throughout the port’s massive complex.

We recently completed a state-wide project for the United States Post Office by updating the electrical systems of several large mail sorting facilities. We replaced the outdated lighting fixtures with modern, energy efficient ones, and installed a computer system that has enabled managers, through the control of a master unit to reduce energy consumption throughout each of the 300,000 square feet buildings, whereby directly reducing energy costs. GracHart can do the same for your business.

On Time and Within Budget

With over a quarter century in the commercial electrical services industry, GraciHart Electric has the extensive knowledge, experience, and assets to get the job done both timely and precisely to specifications the first time around.

From cranes to back hoes, along with a fleet of service trucks, rest assured that we have the capability to get your large-scale commercial project underway quickly. Because we own all of the essential heavy equipment; we are not dependent upon the availability of rentals to get any size project underway.


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